Feria de Céret

The second weekend of July

Céret de toros
This annual bullfighting festival, complete with bull running through the streets, markets, bands and street entertainment is a big event in Céret, but be warned, it’s not for everyone!
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Sardana Festival in Céret

Usually around 19th / 21st July

Festival de Sardane Céret
The Sardana, a symbol of Catalan traditions, has a special place in the heart of every Roussillon resident. Every year in July, the public scrambles to see the Sardana Festival in Céret and discover this dance, which has now been elevated to the rank of art form.

It is an art form which the ‘colles’ (groups of dancers) in the company of ‘coblas’ (orchestras accompanying the Sardana), express on the streets and squares of the village, reaching a climax in the arenas during competition day, which ends with the ‘Germanor’, a Sardana of Fraternity which brings up to 500 dancers together in a single ring.

Céret cherry festival

Usually around 25th / 26th of May

Fête de la Cerise de Céret
The annual cherry festival in Céret is a colourful weekend of stone spitting, music, dancing and entertainment in the streets.

Local restaurants serve up inventive recipes involving cherries…. so why not try a glass of cherry beer, cherry wine, cherry pie, cherry pasty, cherry burger, cherries on toast, cherries with spam…?

[image courtesy of Laurent Lacombe]